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Why We Built Vitruvi

What’s the biggest worry for those responsible for building repeatable infrastructure projects over large geographical areas?

Not knowing what you need to be worrying about.

That’s why we created Vitruvi™ to be your “single source of truth” on large, geospatial infrastructure construction projects.

It's designed to provide accurate, verifiable, real-time updates between those doing the work and those responsible for its successful execution. Vitruvi harnesses cloud-based technology and best-practices in project management to create a much-needed solution to the challenges that have long confronted construction projects of scale.

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Bryan McIver, Founder & CEO

solving construction management challenges

All project data visualized on the map

Cost and Schedule all linked to the GIS Design.
End-to-end platform that can also integrate through APIs.
Real-time mobile production reporting and time tracking
All project files linked to designs, stored in a single platform, available on any device
Collaborate with owners, contractors and subcontractors on a single platform