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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Great Success at CommTech East

Bryan McIver presented on day 2 of the CommTech East tradeshow in Toronto earlier this month. His presentation was titled: Deploying Local Access Fiber at Scale, and covered the primary problems facing local access fiber deployment teams: managing large volumes of complex data; integration of key IT systems; and connecting stakeholders. He then outlined opportunities to reduce costs, reduce working capital, shorten the deployment cycle and improve quality through four key approaches: cloud based, mobile enabled data management; investing in integrating key IT systems; connecting with stakeholders early-on; and using a GIS based approach to decision making. Bryan's presentation was well recieved and generated significant interest from several key players who requested follow-up meetings with the Fresnel team. Well done Bryan.

Bryan McIver speaking at CommTech East April 5, 2017

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