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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Contributing to a connected world

Our vision is “Contributing to a connected world”. Although this could look differently to different people, we believe the global deployment of fiber is a foundation for virtual and eventually face to face connection. We imagine a scenario where relief agencies providing medical or rescue services have access to high speed internet to more efficiently aid their cause. Where children in every African village have access to digital libraries. We see a time in the very near future where Inuit children in remote arctic locations are learning to write code. There are organizations around the world who are dedicated to the art and science of fiber deployment. We see our role as supporting them in that journey.

We really are excited about how our solution will change the fiber deployment industry. If you have not done so already, I would invite you to review both our websites ( and This is our predominant marketing tool right now.

Our solution, Vitruvi, will connect to most if not all legacy deployment systems. This includes financial, CAD, GIS, enterprise scheduling, ticketing and materials Mgt. Imagine a scenario where someone moves inventory from one project to another and everyone involved in the project is instantly notified. Imagine a ROW owner approving line location in minutes directly through your system (and everyone knows immediately). Vitruvi, will take out any silo’ing in a project and ensure everyone has immediate access to developments and changes. Invoicing will be seamless and data (even field data) will only be entered once, directly into the system (mobile). We are dedicated to reducing the cost and increasing the speed and success of fiber deployment around the world.

You might ask, what is foundational to our success. One answer is our people. We have a growing global development team whose strength of character and competence is unmatched. Utilizing agile processes, they are working diligently to build an amazing, beautiful project. Their task is complex, detailed, difficult and exciting. Their energy is infectious.  Another answer lies in our initial beta customer. AFL believes in our vision and has partnered with us to test our product. As I write this we are planning our first test meeting with their amazing team to review our Alpha release which will occur this week.

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